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    Sydney, Australia
  • Projects
    Embedded recruitment solution
  • 93 hires over 14 months

  • Hired across 4 global locations

  • Average time to hire of 33 days

From a small start-up to a blockchain powerhouse, Immutable has been on an exciting journey of innovation and growth. But with success came the challenge of finding and hiring the right talent to fuel their expansion. That’s when we stepped in.

Due to unprecedented growth and funding, Immutable needed to hire another 200 team members

Advancing the next generation of web3 games, Immutable is transforming the world of gaming via NFTs through ImmutableX (an NFT minting and trading platform), and Immutable Studios (an NFT game development studio).

This accelerating growth meant Immutable needed to scale fast to support their next phase. With an additional 200 team members needed to meet their goals, find out below how we helped them achieve this.

  • "We were a small team at the time and needed to scale fast and hire over 200 people at pace and we didn't have the right internal team or capacity. We needed a partner that we could trust to come in and hit the ground running, that had hired at scale within high performing tech companies before. So for us, Talent's solution enabled us to hire the core tech and product skills at the pace that we needed and acquire the best people in market quickly. Our partnership is almost 2 years old and now operates across 4 countries."
    Pea Lord-Doyle
    Global Head of Talent