Strong trust leads to consistent success

  • Client
    Tataki Auckland
  • Industry
    Local Government
  • Location
    Auckland, New Zealand
  • Projects
    Permanent recruitment
  • A 9-month recruitment process

    As requirements were specific, the recruitment process spanned 9 months and averaged 1-2 placements per month.
  • Purpose-driven candidates

    Talent made sure candidates were 100% on board with the Tataki AUL journey – ensuring they had an understanding in Te Ao Māori, as well as development in the Auckland tourism industry.
  • Consistent communication

    We ensured Tātaki Auckland were kept up to date throughout the process as a key requirement for our services.

Their story

Tātaki Auckland Unlimited is Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland’s economic and cultural agency committed to making the region a desirable place to live, work, visit, invest and do business.

As an Auckland Council-controlled organisation, they deliver a coordinated, region-wide programme to maximise cultural, social and economic benefits for residents and visitors.

Home to some of the region’s most beloved arts, cultural, conservation and heritage institutions, they enhance Auckland’s cultural vibrancy, providing a wealth of enriching experiences and opportunities; and tell Auckland’s story to the world.

The principle of kotahitanga – one shared purpose – drives their commitment to partnership with the wider Auckland Council whanau, and a diverse range of public and private sector organisations.

They contacted Talent to help find team members that were 100% onboard with the Tataki AUL journey, and more importantly had an understanding and interest in Te Ao Māori and for the development in the AKL tourism industry.

Their challenge

The biggest challenge they were facing was getting the right balance of technical and personal skills which complimented each one of the new / existing team members.

Culture was extremely important as well as finding people that would want to be on the journey with them.

Quality over quantity was key.

Our solution

The Auckland Talent team has a strong understanding of the local market and a large database of candidates built up over time. Not every candidate was shortlisted as there was a specific criteria that we needed to adhere by. 

Those who were interviewed, Talent made sure were 100% on board with the Tataki AUL journey, they had an understanding and interest in Te Ao Māori and for the development in the AKL tourism industry.

Tataki wanted to be kept updated throughout the process and where every candidate was at with other interviews which we made sure of.

The recruitment process happened over 8-9 months, with an average of 1-2 placements per month.

Due to the strength of this relationship and the deep understanding of the requirements, Talent hit 100% of the target. 

  • Talent International have always had our organisation's best interests as a guiding principle of how we work together as a team. Their talented team of professionals are engaged problem solvers that take on finding the right person for the role with passion. To date, my experience with Talent International has always been one of trust, ease and confidence. I thank the Talent International team for helping me find and employ amazing people over difficult economic times worldwide.
    Mitchell Wong
    Head of Digital Products
    Tātaki Auckland Unlimited