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    Full recruitment process outsourcing solution
  • 294 hires to date

  • Average 24 hires/month

  • Hired across 8 locations in APAC

Talent is the RPO service provider for Isentia throughout APAC for a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Solution encompassing our 4 strategic pillars of people, process, tech, and brand.


Since 2020, Talent have partnered with Isentia to reimagine their talent landscape.

As the leading media intelligence agency in the Asia-Pacific region, Isentia needed to streamline their processes to ensure they were securing top talent in today’s highly competitive market.

The onsite team service 8 geographical locations and have implemented new tech stacks, re-engineered processes, done significant work to amplify the Isentia brand, and delivered multiple leadership workshops.

Find out below how a full RPO function has led to fantastic outcomes.