Finding candidates with the right values

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    Sydney, Australia
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    Permanent recruitment
  • 100% hiring rate

    Adthena have filled 100% of their hiring requirements for the financial year through Talent.
  • 100% success

    Adthena have had 100% success rate with new starters hired by Talent.
  • Sales specialization

    Adthena was drawn to Talent’s established sales specialization which had been highly recommended by their network.

Their story

Founded in 2012, Adthena is a market-leading intelligence platform for paid search advertising. With locations in Australia, the US and the UK, Adthena’s patented technology enables enterprise search marketers to understand their paid search landscape as a whole and acquire customers using insights about their competitors.

They have a unique combination of competitive analysis, strategic insights, and a team of experts that helps brands, marketers, and agencies dominate their competitive landscape.

Their primary product is their people. Their energy, enthusiasm, experience and all-round excellence means they’re trusted by clients. They believe in doing things the right way, treating people with kindness, respect, empathy and understanding. Positivity and progression, as well as diversity and inclusion, are the lifeblood of the business. They share their successes and learn from their mistakes.

Finding talent that fit these values was crucial and one bad hire could threaten to upset the culture they have built on autonomy, trust and passion for the product and customers.

Adthena Vice President, Steve Anderton, gave us a call.

Their needs

Amidst a period of strong growth, the Adthena sales and customer teams in APAC had experienced a few key departures.  With culture critical, the team were struggling to find the right people through existing networks and suppliers.

ANZ Vice President, Steve Anderton, wanted to ensure he found the right people who fit their values. 

“Our culture is built on autonomy, trust and passion for our product and customers. One bad hire could threaten to upset this and we couldn’t afford to get it wrong,” – Steve Anderton, Vice President, ANZ, Adthena 

Our solution

In addition to an extensive network and ability to source candidates, Adthena was drawn to Talent’s established sales specialization which had been highly recommended by their network.

Our team spent time evaluating Adthena’s entire hiring process, and understanding exactly what they were looking for. 

“We discussed their interview process and worked back from their idea of an ideal candidate which allowed us to identify key characteristics that would work in their environment. We also discussed what didn’t work at Adthena which was equally important in understanding what potential red flags may look like,” – Tom Mackenzie, Principal Consultant, Talent International 

Once an ideal profile was established, a screening process was designed that allowed Talent to quickly identify candidates that would be a match to Adthena’s requirements.

This process included:

  • Building out the ideal candidate profile together with Adthena.
  • Mapping interview questions to the ideal profile and cultural requirements.
  • Running 1:1 interviews with candidates before shortlisting our top candidates.
  • Managing the feedback directly with the candidates, alleviating this task from Adthena’s end.
  • Maintain consistent communication with candidates until their first day, ensuring they are well informed about what to expect on day 1 to minimise risk of dropouts.
  • Post-placement care including quarterly and half yearly check ins.
  • I have been extremely impressed by Talent’s consistency and their adherence to our requirements. Their ability to understand our culture, our values and attitudes and then translate that into appropriate, good-fit candidates has been exceptional.
    Steve Anderton
    Vice President, APAC