From Hiring Headaches to Oracle Optimization

  • Client
  • Industry
    Professional Services
  • Location
    United States
  • Projects
    Oracle Functional Consultants
  • An existing relationship that fueled new hiring strategies

    A new HR manager with the need to expand Oracle functional and technical teams, has Talent first in mind.
  • 8 Placements to power teams

    3 contractors and 5 permanent solutions.
  • Finding hidden gems in the Oracle niche

    Using our network to connect our client with the top talent from competitors.

Building on past connections to enhance Oracle hiring

Accelalpha, a growing Oracle Cloud Consulting agency that specializes in integrating and managing Oracle Cloud Applications, needed hiring experts that could find niche skillsets, as soon as possible. Leveraging a prior connection with Jason Pho, Talent’s Digital Director, Accelalpha called on Talent to expand their US teams.

With a positive partnership working with Talent’s digital team in the back of their mind, Accelalpha quickly reaped the benefits of reigniting the relationship. Unlike other recruiting firms that burn and churn candidates, Talent took the time to listen to Accelalpha’s Oracle hiring needs, to ensure the proper people were on the job.

When dealing with a high-priority Oracle cloud implementation and needing new resources to win business, our team immediately began our search. Our digital team presented pre-vetted candidates, saving Accelalpha tons of time (and frustration). By streamlining the recruiting process, they could dedicate more time to strategic business initiatives, instead of having to sift through resumes and further screen candidates.

Our team made 8 overall placements to build high-performing teams. We placed 3 contract positions across various seniority levels, and 5 permanent roles with an average salary of $150k USD, making Accelalpha’s experience priceless. The combination of both contract and permanent solutions ensured successful, high-performing teams. With a mixture of the technical expertise needed, and customer service skills, Talent’s digital team delivered and enabled our client to remain on top of the competition.

Finding the Oracle experts you never knew existed

Talent’s in-depth understanding of the Oracle space enabled us to specifically target the right talent pool, ensuring a strong pipeline of qualified candidates. Our team was able to identify candidates whose skillsets perfectly matched Accelalpha’s requirements of Oracle Technical Skills, Oracle Financials, Functional Skills, and EPM skills. Faced with a needed balance of Oracle technical skills and client-facing abilities, these candidates weren’t easy to come by. A combination of Talent’s proactive headhunting approach, industry referrals, and our expansive Oracle network gave Accelalpha the top subject matter experts that could immediately power teams and win new business.

In today’s market, top talent has options. The competitive nature of the field presented an opportunity to showcase the unique benefits Accelalpha offers, and allowed us to attract candidates from top competitors. With many of these niche candidates being in high-demand, Talent took the time to understand their career aspirations and align them with our client’s required skillsets. This resulted in a win-win situation, attracting top Oracle professionals that would make a significant impact on business at Accelalpha.

  • “Over the years, Talent has been a great partner when it comes to finding the most qualified candidates in the market. Their expertise within the Oracle space is something that has been very beneficial to us and we have been able to place amazing candidates sourced by Talent. The work that we do with Talent is both for full-time and contract roles, and we are always satisfied with the candidates they present since their qualifications and experience are aligned with what we request. The Talent team is friendly, open to discussion, and quick on their response. When working with Talent, we don’t need to worry about following up because we know that everything is being taken care of by them! We look forward to keep working with Talent for many more years.”
    Aurora Valiente
    Global Talent Acquisition Manager