Widening the gate, not lowering the bar

When it comes to DEI, we believe that actions speak louder than words.

At Talent, we take an active role in creating diverse and inclusive environments – both for our clients and ourselves. We believe that diversity of thought, backgrounds and experiences makes for stronger, more innovative teams. It’s that simple.

Our Journey

Tackling social injustice and promoting diversity is at the core of our vision to create a better world of work for all. The global DEI landscape is constantly evolving and as such, we are on a journey of continuous learning. We are also committed to bringing our wider community along on this journey, sharing what we’ve learnt to help educate and inspire others.

  • 50% Of our workforce and 45% of our leaders are women
  • LGBTQI+ We have LGBTQI+ representation at the board level
  • DEI events We host regular DEI events and roundtables, including our 2021 Women in Tech event, leading the discussion for greater gender equality in the tech space
  • Human Our book, 'Human: Global perspectives on diversity in tech', showcases the stories behind the statistics of diversity in global tech

DEI Hiring Toolkit

Our DEI Hiring Toolkit provides straight-talking advice and guidance for Hiring Managers who wish to implement more inclusive hiring practices. The guide covers the core elements of hiring, from the job description, through to sourcing, shortlisting, interviewing and extending an offer. The toolkit also includes powerful advice from those working in the industry who identify as being part of various marginalised groups.

Making strides for diversity in tech

Our publication Human: Global Perspectives on Diversity in Tech features 25 individuals who are making great strides for diversity in tech around the world. The book is a collection of true-life experiences and presents the real faces transforming technology, shining a light on what we at Talent value most, the humanity of the people within our industry.

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Supporting neurodiversity

We’re committed to increasing our education & awareness by providing neurodiversity-focused training to our staff. We’re also extending our reach beyond Team Talent by supporting events that focus on supportive internships, apprenticeships, retraining, graduate roles and more.

Helping you build diverse teams

Empowering people to build a better world of work means bringing real value to people and organisations by building highly skilled and engaged teams, rethinking technology solutions and improving lives by creating a strong sense of belonging. We are partnering with clients worldwide to help them define their ‘better world of work’ and harness the power of diverse teams and inclusive cultures.

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