Finding Dynamics needles in nationwide haystacks

  • Client
  • Industry
    Microsoft Dynamics, Business Central
  • Location
    North America
  • Projects
  • 22 Specialist Dynamics Hires

    We have hired 22 Dynamics professionals with Innovia which include Functional Consultants with specialist expertise in manufacturing, supply chain or finance, Business Central (BC) Developers and Support Consultants.
  • 50% of hires from under represented communities

    A key focus has been on balancing the landscape of female, Black, Hispanic and other marginalized talent.
  • $4k Average saving per hire

    Through our retained fee campaign solution we are able to demonstrate significant cost savings across all hires.

Our goal is to ensure Innovia always have the expertise they need to win and deliver on projects.

Innovia Consulting is a Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and NAV consulting firm based in the US. They deliver high-profile projects for clients in North America, with a prominent presence in manufacturing, distribution and finance.

Innovia’s main challenge is a product of their own success – they are winning high-profile projects but sourcing permanent MS Dynamics consultants to deliver them is like finding a needle in a haystack.

The projects require talent with strong skills in Dynamics 365 BC. They need experts who understand the intricacies of business processes and systems used in manufacturing, supply chain or finance, and they need to know their way around a broad ecosystem of ISVs that are purpose-built for specific industries like food/beverage and retail. Competition is fierce for tech consultancies – especially when it comes to attracting talent. This market has always been known to consistently have a high demand and short supply of candidates – enter the pandemic and this increased the competition even more!

Innovia needed a partner who could find the right talent and be their brand ambassador in a fast-paced, highly competitive skills market…


First of all we had to prove ourselves – it is the key to building trust and confidence after all! To do this, in September 2020, we started working on a few roles on a contingent basis to show Innovia that we had a strong network of skilled MS Dynamics candidates and knew how to properly identify & attract the right people for Innovia.


With 6 years dedicated to the MS Dynamics market, Talent’s Dylan Cohen was the perfect person to take the helm. With his knowledge of this niche candidate market, he was able to quickly map out the who’s who of the industry through detailed competitor analysis, his own well-established network and regular engagement in the community through sources like the NAV User Group (for which he is a regular contributor) and membership with the IAMCP.

Brand Ambassador

Being Innovia’s brand ambassador is easy, they are an excellent company to work for. But we had to really dig into this in the beginning because it wasn’t so apparent in the market – they needed just a little help with their Employer Value Proposition. We worked with them in a consultative role to unearth some unique attributes that would really make them stand out, made some adjustments to our advertising and used this information to engage with and attract the talent they needed.

At the core of our candidate attraction methodology was the implantation of techniques that would attract a diverse selection of candidates. This included bias removal throughout the recruitment process, barrier-free advertisements, the use of specialist job boards aimed at typically under-represented communities and targeted campaigns.