Finding top of the class talent

  • Client
    Swinburne University
  • Industry
    Tertiary Education
  • Location
    Melbourne, Australia
  • Projects
    Contract Recruitment
  • Placed 130 roles over five years 

    As a partner on the University’s supplier panel since 2017, we have been their go-to supplier for top tech talent. 
  • 90-95% of roles filled through sourcing and networks

    The Talent team work together internally, sharing their networks to ensure the best professionals are sourced.
  • An industry-leading interview and vetting selection process

    This includes history checks, personality profile evaluations and value fit assessments.

Their story

Swinburne University of Technology is ranked in the top 1% of universities globally and is a world-class university creating social and economic impacts through science, technology and innovation. Founded in 1908, Swinburne continues to evolve gaining university status in 1992.

After a challenging time during COVID, the University experienced a growth phase as demand from international students returned to Melbourne.

Due to this current growth phase, Talent were contacted to fill 15 operational IT roles and some significant high-level positions for the University in under four months.

As a trusted partner on the University’s supplier panel since 2017, Talent has placed 150 roles with Swinburne over these six years and knew exactly how to get the job done when they were contacted again.

Their needs

In 2021-2022, there was an acute skills shortage in Australia for IT specialists, including those in executive leadership roles. This was exacerbated by an 18+ month period with no skilled migration to Australia, combined with an increased global demand for tech specialists as companies and governments uplifting online service delivery as a result of the pandemic. This left Swinburne seeking to recruit a new IT leadership team in an historically highly competitive labour market.

Compared to other industries, the remuneration offered by the University sector is not as competitive, and to compound this in the competitive post-Covid market, Swinburne faced market salary increases of up to 50% for appropriate IT leaders.

Moreover, Swinburne also has a strong drive for diverse candidates, especially in leadership roles. DE&I is a big focus of the University and this is something Talent is committed to helping them achieve by to tapping into our diverse candidate pool and presenting Swinburne with the crème of the crop.

Our solution

Over a third of the Talent Melbourne team has worked at the company for over seven years, which is very rare in recruitment. They work together and share their networks and relationships with candidates (both active and passive), to ensure the best professionals are sourced. When it came to filling these roles for Swinburne, the entire team were on the job, making that big difference. We also have the right sourcing tools and an extensive database, allowing this to come to life.

To enable Swinburne’s diversity goals, Talent ensured an unbiased recruitment process that included diverse shortlist submissions, inclusive job ads and blind pre-selection.

Talent also has industry-leading interview and vetting selection processes including history checks, personality profile evaluations and value fit assessments. The team assists with the design of the entire recruitment process and a have a focus on providing diverse shortlists.

Ultimately, only 5% of the roles filled came through standard advertising, which is another proof point of the brilliant relationships that Talent team members have with candidates and contractors. Moreover, Talent also successfully recruited the University’s IT Leadership Team including the CIO, EPMO Director, Director of Infrastructure, Director of Technical Digital Delivery, Director of Enterprise Architecture,  and the Director of Digital Workplace Experience (DWX).