Increasing SunDrive’s workforce by 160% in 6 months

  • Client
    SunDrive Solar
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    Embedded Recruitment
  • Increased women in SunDrive's workforce by 1100%

  • Achieved an average 16-day time to hire

  • Onboarded 30 happy new hires

Their story

Solar technology company, SunDrive are creating unique solutions to reduce the cost of high-efficiency solar cells, whilst enhancing their performance and sustainability by utilising more abundant materials.

In October 2022, they secured Series A funding with a clear vision to establish a robust R&D framework and swiftly launch their pilot production line with the aim to be first to market with their solar technology. However, this ambitious vision came with the pressing challenge of rapidly scaling their team from 22 to 70 highly skilled individuals within a condensed timeframe.

Their needs

With urgency driving their efforts, SunDrive recognised the critical need for niche expertise in Hardware Engineering and R&D to drive their technological advancements. Moreover, the company was deeply committed to fostering gender diversity within their workforce to enhance creativity and innovation. They sought a Talent Acquisition partner that could not only attract and engage specialised talent but also help achieve their diversity and inclusion goals.

Our solution

In response to SunDrive’s urgent growth requirements and diversity objectives, the Talent team came into the picture. Our proven track record in rapidly scaling businesses with top tech talent, coupled with our expertise in innovative sourcing strategies made us the preferred choice for SunDrive solar. The tailored solution we provided included:

  • Hiring leader training: Setting SunDrive’s hiring leaders up for success and creating consistency in SunDrive’s recruitment strategy.
  • Brand audit: Identifying the current state of SunDrive’s employer brand and opportunity to develop and amplify to support the next stage of growth.
  • In-depth market mapping: Supporting the identification of talent in prime locations for SunDrive, we created a detailed market map of key competitors and talent across Australia and globally.
  • Weekly and monthly recruitment analytics: Clearly articulating the progress made and any roadblocks faced across the talent function week by week and month by month.
  • SunDrive job amplification: Leveraging Talent’s social media networks to amplify SunDrive’s most prominent roles with a cost saving of approximately 46%.

The results

Within the 6-month partnership Talent was able to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased SunDrive’s workforce by 160%.
  • Increased women in SunDrive’s workforce by 1100%.
  • Created a 95% offer-acceptance rate.
  • Achieved an average 16-day time to hire.
  • Onboarded 30 happy new hires.
  • "We found the Talent team to be great partners across the Talent Acquisition function, much like having an internal function. This was critical given our hyper growth journey when it came to scaling. Each step of the way, Talent was consultative when sharing their insights and recommendation.  They also effectively delivered projects including hiring manager training, creating assessment criteria, talent operations and reporting. The highlight was their ability to deliver critical headcount in short timelines, seeing us achieve crucial project timelines."
    Blake Stephens
    Head of Talent
    SunDrive Solar