Australian tech startups breaking into the global market

Before you think too hard about relocating your tech startup to Silicon Valley, think carefully about the unique benefits an Australian location provides. 2016 was a massive year for Australian startups, in all sorts of different sectors but especially the world of IT&T. There is more funding available than ever before, and the Turnbull government has […]

Disruption shapes digital economy

PwC investigated the way digital disruption is changing the way companies approach IT investment, finding there’s increasing executive involvement. The battle for technological supremacy between small, agile startups and larger corporations centres around their respective abilities to harness disruption and innovation. With the world’s entrepreneurs looking to kickstart the next Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and […]

E-commerce joins international markets together

Digital business and e-commerce trends are redefining the way organisations function. How can they capitalise their potential? The global market is becoming smaller by the day, and IT professionals are the ones tasked with maintaining the networks, systems and infrastructure that connect countries together. Commerce has evolved into e-commerce, and businesses that adopt these trends stand […]

Gender equality promises global benefits

The global pursuit for gender equality is defining the way companies operate across the globe. Here’s how their efforts are expected to change the workforce. In the march toward global gender equality, there are a range of solutions being offered by various countries and industries in order to create parity. The benefits are numerous, comprising […]