It’s time to ENGAGE

It’s time to ENGAGE

Posted June 4, 2024

For over 25 years we’ve been revolutionising the contractor experience, and in 2014 we took it one step further with a brand-new tool for our contractors and clients – ENGAGE.

ENGAGE offers a new and different way for contractors to (and excuse our pun) engage with their contracting career. It combines all the practical requirements of being a contractor with access to a unique and exclusive wellbeing and benefits program. For employers, it’s an easier and more convenient tool for management of your contractors including paperless contract management, as well as seamless timesheet approval. Plus, it’s a place for contractors to feel supported. As our research points to in our Contractor wellbeing report, 1 in 4 contractors don’t feel their wellbeing is supported in the workplace. ENGAGE helps ease that pain point.

As we fast-forward to 2024, the needs of contractors are changing and after much research and planning, we’re excited to share with you an upgrade to ENGAGE that we know you’re going to enjoy.

Introducing Jobs.

Contractors told us they wanted help securing their next opportunities. Shaped by this feedback, as an ENGAGE member, your next job is now just a few clicks away. Taking away the end-of-contract uncertainty, you’ll be able to secure your next opportunity with live roles aligned with your contract timeline. You’ll be able to apply in seconds, simplifying the job-hunting process and saving you time and hassle.

As an ENGAGE member, your application will be immediately flagged with our team, ensuring it receives priority attention. Benefit from our deep understanding of your skills and preferences, making ENGAGE more than just a platform—it’s your advocate in the job market.

How does jobs benefit me as an employer?

ENGAGE isn’t just a game-changer for contractors—it’s also a powerful tool for employers. By working with Talent, you gain direct access to a highly skilled, exclusive community of over 20,000 top-tier contracting professionals who have already proven their expertise through previous engagements with us.

Your roles are featured prominently to available contractors within the platform, ensuring they receive maximum visibility and attract the best candidates (who can apply in just seconds). The streamlined hiring process, with live roles aligned to contract timelines, allows you to find and secure the right talent exactly when you need them, reducing downtime and maintaining project momentum.

This efficiency is complemented by our deep insights and matching capabilities, which leverage a detailed understanding of each contractor’s skills and preferences to ensure the best-fit candidates are effortlessly identified for your roles.

When can I start using this?

Straight away! This feature is live and already in use by Talent clients and available contractors in the ENGAGE platform.

From physical wellbeing through to their mental wellbeing, ENGAGE provides all the tools contractors need to ensure they are happy and supported. After all, a happy workforce means an engaged workforce.

Reach out to us if you’d like to find out more.