Embedded Recruitment

Supercharge your existing capability

Working in partnership

Optimised recruitment processes drive organisational success and help build high-performing culture.

A flexible team of specialists will be embedded into your business, working with your people to improve processes, design talent attraction strategies, source and onboard the skills you need and help you manage new hires.

How does Embedded differ from an RPO or MSP?

In a nutshell, traditional RPOs and MSPs are delivered outside of your organisation with a provider taking full control of your end-to-end talent management. Embedded does exactly what it says on the tin, our recruitment experts work directly with your existing team, often working from your offices and embed themselves within your organisation – benefiting from living and breathing your culture and values and working within your internal process.

  • No TA Function?

    We'll design, create, build and deliver it for you.

  • TA function with disfunction?

    We’ll help you fix it.

  • TA function needs to scale?

    We’ll embed, augment and build it with you.

  • Outsourcing your TA function?

    We’ll evaluate, redesign and deliver it holistically.

Growth with purpose

Embedded Elements

We take care of four key areas so you can focus on employee engagement, learning & development, performance and retention strategies.


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    We deploy specialists with networks and reach aligned to your candidate job families. This is what we do all day, every day.

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    We create, manage and/or optimise the recruitment process to align with your brand and values.

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    We review, advise, or select, deploy and manage all of this for you. It’s all part of the solution.

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    We help you define your value proposition and spread the word. It’s not (just) about looking good. It’s about authenticity.

  • The team at Talent have become an extension of our Yahoo family. Beyond recruitment they are involved in our culture building workshops and L&D strategy. They bring so much knowledge and energy to the team. They really make our organisation a better place to work.
    Paul Sigaloff
    Managing Director & VP ANZ & INSEA
  • We had tried to manage our technical recruitment needs internally but the process was difficult and time consuming. Partnering with Talent and bringing in a dedicated technology specialist really helped solve a lot of our issues.
    Kelly Young
    Chief HR Officer

Empowering fast growing scaleups

We love innovators and founders. Our 25 year history is built on a foundation of helping founders deliver on their vision to build the technology business of the future. Through our Embedded solution you benefit from so much more than recruitment, we become an extension and a key advisor to help you navigate through those difficult phases of early growth and investment.

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