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    The latest hiring insights

    The supply & demand of top project talent across AU, NZ & the US.

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    Top skills in demand

    The technical and interpersonal skills that are most sought after.

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    Key project investments

    A look into where companies are placing their dollars.

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    Project trends and predictions

    The tech and project management approaches that will shape this space.

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    Industry insights

    From energy to education, an exploration of  projects in each sector.

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    Employer & jobseeker takeaways

    Tips & tricks on how to best navigate the project services hiring market.

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  • 70% It's well publicised that 70% of projects fail.
  • 10x In some regions, project services job applications have increased tenfold from 18 months ago.
  • AI & automation Are two of the biggest technologies shaping the project services space.
  • 102 million Project management-oriented jobs are expected to be created by 2030, according to PMI.

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