5 tips for employers to encourage digital transformation

5 tips for employers to encourage digital transformation

Posted September 11, 2018

1) Create a dialogue


Digital transformation is a team game. You won’t win your employees over if you simply appear to be enforcing new technology on them from above. Instead, ask for their feedback on what they’d like to see – would they rather adopt cloud technologies, for example, or would an increase in the use of social media be high on their priorities?


2) Flexibility is key!


Digital transformation is about flexibility and adaptability – whether that means being able to work from home (something that would help with the considerable rural unemployment problem facing Australia), or allowing employees to use the technology they want to use.


Some employers might even consider giving team members a “technology budget,” which would allow them to purchase their own software, giving them the same degree of choice that they have over the technology they use in their personal lives.


Digital transformation is about collaboration – make sure you encourage this in your organisation!


3) Allow people to experiment


It’s important to remember that for many, digital transformation involves a complete departure from their comfort zones. So make sure you’re not encouraging a culture in which people get punished for mistakes surrounding innovation. Instead, let them try new things without fear of retribution in case it goes wrong. Digital transformation should create an atmosphere of experimentation, and you need to back this if you really want to see your employees embrace it.


4) Show how it will tangibly benefit them


It’s important to show how the new technologies you’re adopting will benefit your organisation (making sure you align this to your business’ goals). It also helps to make it clear how your employees’ day-to-day work will be made easier. For example, it’s all very well saying data analytics will improve the business’ efficiency, but how will this help an employee? Which of their activities will be streamlined or improved, freeing up time to spend on more important tasks?


5) Hire the right people


It’s important to have people in your organisation who will champion digital transformation, and show those more dubious employees how much easier it will make their lives. If you get influencers on board, your work in encouraging your team will be halved.


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