How to make a good first impression with an employer

How to make a good first impression with an employer

Posted May 6, 2024

First impressions matter. So, if you want to score your dream job, you need to present yourself in the best possible light to a potential employer. Let’s explore how you can do just this:

Get your timing right

It’s important to be on-time to your interview. Be respectful of your interviewer’s time and the time you have agreed upon to meet. If you find that you have arrived 30 minutes before schedule, then take this time to grab a coffee and calm your nerves. You want to go into the interview with a clear mind so you can really showcase how great of a candidate you are. Conversely, if you are late, it may come across as though you don’t value the interviewer’s time or care enough about the role. It’s best to arrive just a few minutes early so you are ready for a timely start and are calm enough to put your best foot forward.

Dress to impress

According to Forbes, it takes 7 seconds for someone to make a first impression. So, you’ll want to use those 7 seconds wisely. Your outfit speaks measures, so make sure it’s saying the right things. You want your outfit to say ‘I am the right fit for this role’. If you can dress the part, then you are part-way there. It’s about nailing the basics – it comes down to being neat and tidy and dressing in a way that is relevant for the role. If you are going for a role at a tech start-up, wear smart casual. If you’re trying to fit in in finance, dress corporate. If you’re unsure, follow Talent Adelaide Managing Director, Anthony Whyte’s golden rule: “when in doubt, overdress” . It doesn’t stop here though. Your overall physical presentation is just as important and the small details count. Make sure your hair and nails are well groomed and that you look put together. You want to show that you take pride in your appearance – it communicates to the interviewer that you will also take pride in your work and will represent the company well.

Know your stuff

You should have enough knowledge of the hiring company in your arsenal to draw upon when the tricky questions come out. Be aware of what the company does, what it wants to achieve, and what its values are. Use the interview as an opportunity to demonstrate that you share in the company’s vision and will work hard in the role. Doing this research will give you a boost in the interview process as it shows that you value the role and are eager to prove yourself. Conversely, a lack of preparedness may give the interviewer the impression that you are not serious about the position, and they will thus not consider you as a serious candidate.

Set yourself apart

Being prepared is important. Whyte recommends having some questions ready to throw your interviewer’s way – this communicates a level of interest which will work in your favour. Talent Sydney Managing Director, Matthew Munson’s sage advice: “steer clear of questions relating to salary and workplace benefits”. You want to demonstrate that you are interested in the actual role and have the qualities the company is looking for – not come across as someone who is only interested in what benefits they themselves can get out of the position.

You should also never underestimate the power of good conversation. If you can hold your own and communicate clearly, you have a major step up in the interview process. Articulate exactly what it is that you bring to the table and your interviewer will be impressed.

Make eye contact

Strong eye contact communicates that you are attentive, interested and respectful of the other person’s time. It can also make you appear more confident, which can never go astray. Your body language and eye contact can say a lot about you, so use it to your advantage to demonstrate that you are a great candidate from the get-go. Master this, and you’re one step closer to solidifying that great first impression and landing your ideal job.

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