Contractor Wellbeing Report 21/22

Contractor Wellbeing Report 21/22

Posted November 28, 2021

After surveying over 1,700 contractors across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US, we received unmatched insight into the true wellbeing of today’s contractors. Our Contractor Wellbeing Report takes a deep dive into what contractors really think and feel, delivering tailored research that aims to provide a greater understanding of how to positively shape the future of work for IT and Digital contractors.

Access the findings here and uncover the real challenges contractors face – with important insights into what employers can do to make a real difference.

Here are some key takeaways across all markets:

  • 1 in 4 contractors felt they don’t receive sufficient support from employers when it comes to their personal wellbeing.
  • 49% felt it was highly important to feel connected to their permanent teammates.
  • 86% said that connecting to an employer’s mission/purpose was ‘important’ or ‘highly important’.
  • 32% felt that managing their time/work-life balance was their greatest challenge.

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