Through meaningful employment

Born out of the desire to facilitate real world solutions to the barriers young people face with employment our youth charity Talent RISE, is changing lives one job at a time.


Talent RISE is the charitable foundation of Talent, born out of our vision to change the lives of young people. We do this by leveraging our global client relationships to provide education, training and meaningful career opportunities to diverse young people who often face barriers to employment.

A job is not just a job. A job is food, clothes, safe housing, self-worth, friendships, security, purpose and a future.

The benefit is not just for the young person. Many of our clients have feedback on how transformative providing a young person with work experience has been for their teams. The sense of achievement and purpose is infectious and contributes to a more diverse and motivated company culture.

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  • 500+ Young people placed into employment
  • 140 Businesses building their workforce and giving back
  • $99.5k Funds raised to support young people on their journey into employment
  • 2,176 Hours of coaching and support
  • Anna joined the Make Happy team for work experience. She was a pleasure to work with and helped our team on a number of key projects. She did this with diligence, enthusiasm and a strategic mindset.
    Make Happy
  • The pupils from our school who are on the autism spectrum attended a CV writing workshop at Talent RISE. The pupils are usually a little apprehensive about external training really enjoyed the day and got so much from it. We look forward to working more with the RISE team to help more of our young people.
    Employability Teacher
    Inscape House
  • Ensuring that young people thrive is important for all of our futures and having meaningful employment is at the heart of this.
    Karen Graham
    Talent RISE

Can you provide work experience or mentoring for a young person?

A helping hand can be life-changing for youth. If you have the power to offer work experience, an internship, or an entry-level job opportunity to a young person, we’d love to hear from you. It’s incredibly easy to get involved and the positive impact that bringing a Talent RISE young person on board can have on your organisation is beyond measure. Find out more by visiting the Talent RISE website.