Increase in reported recruitment-based scams

Increase in reported recruitment-based scams

Posted March 22, 2024

At Talent, the safety and well-being of our clients, contractors, and candidates are our top priorities. There has recently been an increase in reported scams across the recruitment sector with malicious individuals impersonating consultants through WhatsApp and text messages in an attempt to scam unsuspecting individuals. In response to these fraudulent activities, we are issuing this alert to ensure your protection. We urge you to exercise caution and refrain from responding to any suspicious messages.

Here’s some examples of how you can spot a scam:

  • You come across an advertisement, receive an email, SMS or WhatsApp message, or phone call from a Talent consultant you aren’t familiar with, and they don’t have a legitimate Talent LinkedIn profile.
  • Warning signs include a suspicious profile image, lack of genuine profile information, activity or contact details.
  • If in doubt, check to see if their email is from the official Talent domain. An email from a Talent consultant will be sent from the official Talent domain e.g.,
  • The message asks you to provide personal details or a fee for more information about the job or start-up materials.
  • You are asked to transfer money.

Please note, Talent will never ask a candidate for any form of direct payment. All email correspondence will be from an official Talent domain e.g.,

Taking Fraud Matters Seriously

At Talent, we treat matters of fraud with the utmost seriousness. If you encounter any concerns or come across scams that exploit our brand or the identities of our consultants, we encourage you to report them to us promptly. Your safety and security are paramount to us.

Reporting Scams

To report scams or suspicious activities, please contact us at or utilize the reporting mechanisms provided by government authorities in your jurisdiction.

  • For Australia – Scamwatch, ACSC (Australian Cyber Security Centre) or ID Care.
  • For New Zealand – CERT NZ, NetSafe NZ or ID Care.
  • For USA – Federal Trade Commission

We appreciate your vigilance and cooperation in helping us prevent these fraudulent activities. Stay informed, stay safe.