As a recruiter in the tech and digital space in Brisbane, a lot of my focus is on finding niche cyber and information security specialists.

Business environments are constantly changing thanks to globalisation and technical advancements, but with this interconnectedness comes the risk of cyber threats. As a result, a huge number of companies here in Brisbane, and across the country, are scaling up their security capability. It’s an exciting and fast-growing industry that we at Talent are very involved in, so we were happy to sponsor BrisSEC 2019.

The day was full of informative talks from experts in the cyber world. Our team had the opportunity to meet with many industry professionals, here are my three key takeaways from the event:

1.      Cybersecurity skills shortage

Speakers presented evidence to show that the cost of the cybersecurity skills shortage in Australia is approximately $400million in lost revenue/wages per year. This means that 42% of security-focused roles are going unfilled within the Australian market. They discussed training and upskilling as a way to address this skills shortage, as well as tapping into markets such as stay-at-home mums and the aging workforce. A number of professionals, business owners, and hiring managers expressed difficulty finding skilled talent in the security space. With the cybersecurity industry forecasted to grow at an exponential rate, the war for skilled talent in this sector is going to become even fiercer.

As a recruiter in this industry, I often receive requests from our clients for Governance Specialists, Consultants, Analysts, and Architects so if you have these skills you are in a unique position. However, I recommend you keep an eye on the changing face of this sector and continue to upskill in in-demand areas. If you do this and work with experienced recruiters, you will have your choice of many roles with fantastic experience and rewards.

2.      AI and cybersecurity

I sat in on a number of talks at BrisSEC and one of the key recurring themes was Artificial Intelligence, and its importance within the security arena. I also had the opportunity to chat with a multitude of professionals who agreed that while AI can be a threat to cybersecurity it can also be a big part of the solution. Artificial Intelligence is able to recognise threats that humans might not have the ability or capabilities to catch. There also seems to be a growing number of cyber products that use AI to reinforce their solutions.

3.      Key challenges facing us in the future

Talent created a survey asking industry experts what they believed were the key challenges affecting the Brisbane tech industry over the next few years. 34% of our respondents identified data security, 36% specified legal compliance, 20% said social engineering, and interestingly for me, 7%, said that they anticipated finding talent in the security space would be a key challenge in the years to come.

After attending BrisSEC 2019, there is no doubt in my mind that the cybersecurity industry in Brisbane is vibrant and growing rapidly. I am excited to see what the future holds for our cyber security market.

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