There are lots of things businesses do to retain talent. Free coffee, gym memberships, generous bonuses and employee recognition schemes are just a few. However, all these perks become redundant if business leaders fail to provide the support employees require.

Support isn’t just financial

That support might be setting an example of how things should be done – rather than just talking about it. Driving forward a comprehensive programme of diversity and inclusion – one that allows everyone to feel comfortable in the workplace. Or, leading with dignity – creating a culture that brings out the very best in people.

Having high-quality human connections at work is good for people, but it’s also good for the performance of an organisation. It’s up to those near the top of the business hierarchy to ensure being more ‘human’ is high on the company agenda. When leaders adopt a human-centred view of business that highlights a culture of trust, respect, and compassion, the wellbeing of individuals and the business’ bottom line both benefit.

It’s vital that leaders keep this front of mind. Employees turn to leaders to drive action. As a result, our focus becomes centred upon the individual rather than the role, and we want to support them instead of the company as a whole. If that person – that leader – then fails to meet expectations or is seen to be losing touch with reality, staff might start to question their skills as leader.

Transformative leadership is not about being perfect or pretending to be something you’re not. It’s about doing things to the best of your ability and inspiring those around you. Taking a more human approach to leadership means honouring people’s right to equality and dignity, having a high degree of self-awareness, and embracing the journey as much as the result.

Making inclusion a reality

When it comes to workplace diversity and inclusion, most business leaders understand the diversity part. Getting to grips with what inclusion means (creating an environment where people can feel comfortable and be who they are and feel valued) can be less simple.

The 100% Human at Work initiative is designed to encourage businesses to start thinking of people as humans, not resources. It shifts the focus away from profits and profitability and onto how to help people achieve their true potential and drive positive change in the world. Get this right, and a business’ bottom line will also move in the right direction.

By 2026, 100% Human at Work aims to help one million global businesses change the way they work and reach their full potential.

Speaking about the initiative, Talent’s founder and executive chairman Richard Earl stated: “It is time to rethink the way we build and operate businesses in today’s world. All organisations need to clearly define their purpose and role in society with the wellbeing of their workforce taking centre stage.”

In an increasingly digital world, being human makes good business sense. Talent is proud to be involved in the 100% Human at Work initiative – and places the human element at the heart of the business.

If you would like to work with one of the world’s most innovative IT recruitment companies and find out how being more human can help you attract and retain talent, get in touch with the Talent International team today.