Working overseas provides a great opportunity for jobseekers to experience another country while gaining industry-specific skills in the process.

With the global nature of the technology industry, there is potential for IT jobseekers to earn a wage while seeing other parts of the world. Having a working holiday allows candidates to gain experience and an income without sacrificing their desires to travel.

The options

The idea of a working holiday is not unique to the IT industry, with Australians taking up the offer to work overseas in a number of professions over the years.

The Australian government, through its Smart Traveller service, estimates that there up to a million Australian pursuing these opportunities at any one time. Whether living overseas permanently, or just taking time out from their homeland, Australians are accustomed to spending time on the other side of the world.

While many travelers may work odd jobs to keep themselves afloat overseas, there is also the opportunity for jobseekers to get a taste of the industries they plan to work in on their return.

In the case of IT workers, there is the option to experience the industry and the work it entails in different markets. Australia boasts a number of countries that accept travelers on a working holiday visa, meaning keen jobseekers are assisted in their efforts to work overseas.

This kind of working arrangement is ideal for contractors who may be considering a permanent move overseas in the future.

Committing to a permanent overseas relocation can be a scary and stressful endeavour. Accepting a contractor role allows workers to get a feel for their country of choice, without being obliged to stay on. If things don’t work out, a return can be arranged at the conclusion of the contract.

Support and advice

As mentioned above, many countries around the world offer working holiday visas that, depending on various conditions, allow Australians to work and live there for set time period. Choosing a country that supports this program will make the process much easier.

There are plenty of other tips provided by Smart Traveller to follow in order to have a trouble-free experience overseas.

The first is to do your research. While a degree of culture shock is inevitable, preparing yourself by reading up on the dos and don’ts for your chosen destination greatly improves the chances of you getting along with the locals.

It’s also extremely important to keep track of your official documents. Items such as passports are not easily or cheaply replaced and can create a host of problems if they are lost.

If all advice is followed and options are carefully considered, accepting a contract in another country can provide you with a great foothold into the IT industry, giving you essential work and life experience while opening up the doors to your future.