The ingenious marketing of the Apple iPhone can teach many things about how job seekers should market themselves to potential employers.


With Apple experiencing a 43 per cent rise in value in 2015 according to leading authority Interbrand, the iPhone has become one of the most widely used smart devices worldwide. It is plausible to assume that a large part of the device’s success can be attributed to the ingenious marketing campaigns set about by Apple, like the quirky television advertisements. But it may come as a surprise to some that there are many lessons we can learn from the iPhone about personal branding to help you advance your IT career.

Lesson number one: Innovation

Undoubtedly, the iPhone excels at being innovative and presenting creative new features to the market. Apple’s slogan is “think different,” and the tech giant is always looking for new ways to stand out from competitors, such as by creating more colour options for the device. When it comes to marketing yourself to a potential employer, you too should think different to be successful in the IT recruitment process.

Personal development and career expert Tom O’Neil highlights the importance of crafting a good resume which displays your innovation by striking a balance between creativity and professionalism.

Lesson number two: Upskilling

With each generation, the iPhone brings in features and specifications for the product. For example, the iPhone 6 now has a high-definition camera equipped with auto-stabilisation. This philosophy applies to job seekers too.

Employment database Seek says that upskilling, such as by learning from colleagues or doing a part-time course, can help you to boost your personal brand and make you more employable.

Lesson number three: Promoting yourself

Another thing that the Apple iPhone is good at is promotion. Television is littered with advertisements for the latest device, and Interbrand points out Apple’s relentless consumer focus, which is demonstrated by the fresh, relatable presence it creates online. Career website Careerglider recommends utilising social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to market yourself to potential employers, emphasising your best qualities and skills through how you present yourself.

Lesson number four: Making connections

Lastly, Apple helps to promote the iPhone by creating technology that can synchronise and collaborate with it, such as the Apple Watch or the iCloud. For job seekers, this means networking a pool of professional connections to help you advance your career in IT. According to a 2014 social recruiting survey by Jobvite, 73 per cent of companies have recruited through social media, which may be assisted by the common ground of professional networks that websites like LinkedIn enable.

Steve Jobs was quoted as saying “if you don’t cannibalise yourself, someone else will,” and with this final lesson you are ready to go out, brand yourself like Apple and make the most of job opportunities in IT&T.