How smart will machines get in the future? Research has found that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be able to make business decisions as technology improves.


It has been the focus of innumerable sci-fi films, but now the idea of machines taking over the workplace is a viable one, with renowned research organisations tackling the issue head on.

With machines now smarter than ever before – thanks to the power of the computers that run them – they’re gaining the ability to make informed decisions based on data without human involvement.

According to Gartner, these developments could soon become an issue for chief information officers (CIOs) as human and artificial intelligence (AI) controlled roles will both have their place in the modern workforce.

What does it mean for IT jobs?

The development could lead to a refocus for people in IT jobs, as these machines will still need technicians to perform maintenance as well as develop the software they run on. Gartner Vice President Stephen Prentice believes the challenge for CIOs lies in integrating both options, but believes it is possible for businesses to do without significant job losses.

“Organisations must balance the necessity to exploit the significant advances being made in the capabilities of various smart machines, with the perceived negative impact of resulting job losses,” he said.

Mr Prentice also clarifies what Gartner means by the growing ability for machines to makes decisions, with the belief they will be able to make choices that influences a company’s direction through its business processes.

Gartner is also quick to quell any fears of a robot revolution, stating that current technology limits the ability for machines to operate completely of their own accord. Even with the prediction of smarter machines emerging in the next five years, humans are still expected to be in control.

Facebook highlighted the way these developments can create jobs in a recent announcement. The company has added to its AI research division, promoting a new area of jobs for aspiring IT professionals.