It’s the Vibe 04 – What do people really want? with Aoife Fitzmaurice

It’s the Vibe 04 – What do people really want? with Aoife Fitzmaurice

Posted April 17, 2023

This episode is about all things ‘perks’. Find out how award-winners, Sage are doing it so well and more, in this chat with Aoife Fitzmaurice and Ian Tyler.


The hybrid working experiment.

Talent’s Chief Strategy Director, Ian Tyler joins Aoife to discuss the Sage approach to employee perks and benefits. During this time we explore the definition and differences of perks vs benefits and how attitudes and expectations shifted post-pandemic.

In particular, Aoife offers a unique insight into the organisation’s experimental approach to hybrid working models. How do you maintain culture? How do you build trust and gain support at a senior executive level?

“How we are doing it at Sage is we’re looking at how we can redesign jobs to support wellbeing and energy. It’s not just about the elastoplast of solutions ultimately that are the free gym or the free lunch. You need to go deeper than that. It’s systemic and you need to really address the root of the issue.” – Aoife Fitzmaurice‍

The wellbeing factor

Throughout the podcast, Aoife and Ian unpack sustainable productivity. The future of work is here, we’re in it, get with the program. We’ve seen businesses refocus on outcome orientated design due to flexible working. It’s a table stake now, not a perk, and one size doesn’t fit all. Support that balance.‍

“They’re a mum, a dad, then an employee” – Aoife Fitzmaurice

Tune into the podcast to find out more about the perks your team really wants, how you can stay ahead of your competition when attracting new talent and how to navigate the new working world.

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