Using Talent Points to access domestic flights in New Zealand

Did you know that when you convert your Talent Points to Velocity Points, you can redeem them for flights on Virgin Australia? And did you know that Air New Zealand codeshare with Virgin Australia on certain flights, allowing you to access domestic New Zealand flights?


Redeeming your Talent Points is a straightforward process:

  • Once you have at least 15,000 Talent Points, you can convert them to Velocity Points here in Engage.
  • After receiving confirmation from the Engage team, log in to the Velocity Portal and check the points have arrived in your account.
  • Browse the Velocity site and dial 0800 230 875, following the prompts to make your booking

Watch the video below for more information about redeeming your Talent Points:


For more detailed redemption instructions for redeeming Talent Points for Velocity Points, please refer to the below:

To build your Talent Points balance and convert them into Velocity Points

1. Check out which activities can earn you more points within the portal here. Activities include submitting timesheets on time, updating availability and profile details.

2. Ensure that you have added your Velocity Membership number to the Engage portal here. If you are not already a Velocity member, you can join here.

3. Once you have at least 15,000 Talent Points, you can convert them to Velocity Points with the Talent Point Converter here in Engage.

4. You will then receive email confirmation from the Engage team that the conversion has been processed and the points will arrive in your Velocity account within 2-3 days.


To check your Velocity Points balance and navigate to the NZ contact centre details

1. Log in to the Velocity portal here with your Velocity Membership number and password. Your Points balance will display on the right hand side of the home page once logged in.

2. Click on the Redeem tab


3. Click Flights


4. Click Airline Partners


5. To book with Air New Zealand using your Points, you must call the Velocity Contact Centre to check availability. Click Membership Contact Centre


6. When calling from New Zealand, the Contact Centre number to dial is 0800 230 875



Upon calling the Contact Centre

1. You will be given 6 options, select option  (1)  Virgin Au Booking & VFF member enquires

2. When asked if you are a Velocity Frequent Flyer member press (1) and have your Velocity Membership number ready.

3. When prompted, key in your 10 digit number. Once your number is verified, select option (3)  To make a booking with your VFF Points

4. Then select option (1) To book a flight using your VFF Points

5. You will then be connected to an Operator: Let the operator know your point of Origin & Destination. They will be able to check if there is availability with an Air New Zealand flight and confirm the amount of points required!