At Talent, our #TalentDevelopment programme ensures that skills are continually updated throughout our business and our investment in the latest technologies means that our teams are equipped with the recruitment tools needed to stay ahead of the competition.

This year, we are really excited to be investing in a new digitally-focussed coaching programme to help disrupt more traditional forms of training delivery and encourage new thinking and levels of engagement.

We are embracing the digital approach by investing in virtual coaching products that are of relevance in the commercial workplace. Of course there is still a huge requirement for initial face-to-face and milestone meetings but by introducing programmes such as Skype we’re providing more flexible tools for coaches.

Skills coaching is most common in middle management, so there is a real advantage in using a technology based solution that can allow you to deliver coaching at scale. We understand that it’s not going to be an overnight fix and it can take a while to master in real-life situations, but if you take the time to understand the differences between live and virtual training and plan accordingly the benefits are obvious.

Virtual/digital training, through a platform such as Skype, massively reduces the volume and need to travel and increases the regularity of the connection. This is of particular importance to us at Talent, as we move to open further offices across Europe and throughout the world.

We also conduct regular one-on-one review meetings and our new digital approach will allow Managers and team members to collaborate on a centrally stored business plan and enables us to give them tailored advice and feedback to help improve skills and increase productivity.

Introducing digital can also help better facilitate group coaching sessions. The group get the opportunity to share ideas and feedback on the success of the approaches they use. They really benefit from the sharing of knowledge and information and it makes a real difference to the teamwork atmosphere by connecting remote offices at the touch of a button in a live online environment.

Disruption is all about breaking from the norm: our digital coaching programme is all about making people disrupt their normal thought process and do things differently. We have some extremely talented individuals, but however skilled you are, you still need coaching to break habits. That’s why our focus has not been on new starters or perceived under performers (as would be typical), but on those for whom we believe ‘digital disruption’ will “take them to the next level”.

Our goal is to disrupt traditional thinking and to break from the conventional approach. We plan on building on top of our unique business model armed with some of the most digitally savvy consultants in recruitment.

“I have been part of our coaching programme for the past three months, I am an experienced consultant so being challenged to think differently and adopt new ways of working has been both refreshing and rewarding. My coach is based 120 miles away, but by using technology I have been able to get remote support in an effective way whenever I have needed it.”

Chuks Onodu – Senior Recruitment Consultant – Manchester