I recently had the pleasure of spending a few days with Clare Trotter, Director of Talent’s newest business in the Netherlands based out of Amsterdam. I asked Clare a few questions about living and working in the Netherlands and the opportunities on offer.

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Richard Earl getting to know Clare Trotter in Amsterdam

What is attractive about setting up business in the Netherlands?

The government here is fairly liberal about bringing in external resources with sponsorship amongst foreign nationals running pretty high – 60% in some companies. In addition there is a very attractive tax structure where you only pay tax on 70% of your income and then only 30% on that. There are also special entrepreneur tax rates, such as the so called innovation box that enables entrepreneurs to reduce their corporate tax rate to 5% for profits generated through innovative operations, which has created a start-up boom.

What brought you to Amsterdam?

I initially came to start a business for a competitor but despite plenty of success early on it was clear that there was an absence of a clear vision and culture from head office so, after a period of travel, Jon Butterfield contacted me to discuss Talent’s ambitions I was delighted to come on board.

What do you enjoy about Amsterdam?

It’s easy to do business here and English is spoken everywhere. I love cycling everywhere and the abundance of waterways has a very calming effect. I also love the directness of the Dutch – straight-talking and no nonsense! And an added bonus is no tax on alcohol.

Clare & the Netherlands Team - Cycling in style to a client meeting
Clare & the Netherlands Team – Cycling in style to a client meeting

Advice? Always look both ways when crossing – bikes everywhere and they rule!

Interests? Yoga, food and cooking, travel – South America still on the list.

Greatest achievement recently? Completing yoga teacher training.

Biggest disappointment? No regrets!

Biggest influence? My Dad; he made me make my own decisions.

What will Talent Amsterdam look like in 2 years? A tight unit, not too large (say 10-12 people) and in deep with great customers.

Amsterdam, Talent, Richard Earl, Jon Butterfield, Technology, Recruitment, Europe
Richard Earl and Jon Butterfield enjoying the fine hospitality of the Talent Netherlands Team.

A few facts and figures about the Netherlands:

Amsterdam Scenery