Recruiting  staff is a challenge, but retaining them in such a competitive market can be even tougher. Here are a few tips for retention.

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We’ve written before about the huge importance of recruiting talented cybersecurity professionals, as well as the relative shortage of these workers currently being experienced by IT&T companies in Australia and around the world. However, the topic is worth touching on again, especially with Cybrary’s 2016 Cyber Security Job Trends Report discovering that 68 per cent of cybersecurity professionals believe there is a lack of staff, while 74 per cent identify a lack of talent and expertise.

In this changing and competitive landscape, recruiting cybersecurity workers is a real challenge. This is why we at Talent recently established a specialised Cyber Security Practice in Australia and New Zealand. This practice has the experience and expertise needed to connect the right candidates with businesses, but what about the process after a new hire has been confirmed? Let’s look at a few great ways that your business can ensure loyalty amongst cybersecurity staff.

1. Offer the right incentives

The biggest incentive in retaining pay will almost always be pay, and in an area of high demand, cybersecurity experts expect competitive salaries. Product Specialist in Talent Services at Cybrary, Trevor Halstead reiterates the importance of reliable staff in this sector.

“[Cybersecurity professionals] know exactly how in-demand their skills are and know exactly what they’re worth. It is well worth paying one and a half or even twice what you pay other IT roles to land talent that’s critical for protecting data and defending against crippling attacks.”

Aside from salary, there are all sorts of other incentives which you can offer. These could range from flexible or remote working hours to involvement in an exciting project, but the key is to offer something slightly different to the other opportunities staff may be seeing elsewhere.

2. Opportunities to upskill

With such high demand in their specialty field, cybersecurity workers are well aware of the demand for their skills. With this in mind, many are looking to become even more valuable, either through expanding their knowledge or becoming more familiar with new pieces of technology.

For businesses that can offer these opportunities for staff to develop, there are two big benefits. Firstly, there’s the loyalty that comes with encouraging personal growth, ensuring that workers remain satisfied with their progression. Secondly, your cybersecurity team will become more aware of the latest threats and how to protect against them, giving your company a greater level of protection.

If you hire the best staff and treat them well, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your sensitive information is protected by a team of qualified and motivated cybersecurity professionals. Contact the team at Talent to find out more.