In this month’s guest blog, we’re very lucky to have Tom Circosta from Talent’s Brisbane office provide us with a little bit of insight into the unique IT&T landscape of Queensland’s capital. As a Senior Account Manager, Tom gets a chance to see both sides of the equation, and is intimately familiar with the unique challenges and opportunities for clients and candidates.


One of the most interesting things about the IT&T sector in Brisbane is the enormous variety that we have in terms of available positions. This makes our market a really great place for candidates that are looking for a choice of positions, or something niche that perfectly suits their skill set.

Recruiting for Brisbane’s diverse IT&T market

On the one hand, there’s a huge amount of work on offer in the government sphere, where there’s been a big push in recent years to become more modern and digitally sophisticated. On the other hand, there are huge multinational companies with offices here in Brisbane, so we really get a full spectrum of industries for potential candidates to choose from.

While there’s a lot of variety, one thing that these bigger clients have in common is their size, which presents a few interesting challenges from a recruitment perspective. Because they’re so large, everything is process-driven and that can make things slower than some of our smaller clients who are a bit more agile. Fortunately, we have plenty of those as well in Brisbane, so IT&T candidates in Brisbane really do have the benefit of choice.

Meeting the needs of clients and candidates

The huge contrast between some of the different positions available in Brisbane means that each client is looking for something a little bit different, which is where Talent can help out.

A big brand demands employees who are more commercially focused, and who perhaps come from a background where they’ve learnt how to respond quickly to changes in the market and customer demand. On the government side of things, it’s critical to find candidates who have an understanding of the unique processes that are involved in making a decision at a state or national level.

The future of recruitment

A lot of the big questions that are being asked in the IT&T sector are to do with how new technologies will shape the future of our industry. For many businesses, these changes mean that entirely new ways of working need to be created, but we’re very fortunate here at Talent in that our key focus is on relationships – something which will never change.

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