Many businesses are not currently focusing enough on cyber security. As a result, the demand for skilled IT professionals may rise.


Imagine you are sitting in a cafe having a deep conversation with friend. You can tell that the person behind you is listening in and you don’t want them to overhear anything personal about you, but because of the noise of the cafe your friend does not lower their voice. This is what it’s like for today’s businesses, many of whom are being impacted by serious cybersecurity threats but have not made the changes necessary to combat them.

In the digital landscape of constant cybersecurity risk, it is becoming more and more vital for organisations to invest in the IT security talent they need to protect their data. Yet while job opportunities in IT may become more readily available, are IT professionals, equipped to cope with the surge of cyberthreats that companies face today?

Cybersecurity a problem, but some businesses aren’t reacting

A survey of the 2016 attendees of information security event, Black Hat, has revealed that 72 per cent of respondents predicted their company would be affected by a major data breach in the next year. Furthermore, 74 per cent of respondents felt that their organisation did not have sufficient IT staff to deal with this threat.

Respondents to the 2016 State of IT report from technology professional network Spiceworks agreed, with a large portion of them claiming that their organisation was not adequately prioritising cybersecurity action. According to the report, 73 per cent of the IT professionals said that their company was at risk for IT security compromise. However, 51 per cent said that IT security is not a high priority for their organisation in 2016, and 48 per cent said their data is not properly protected.

It’s apparent that while the stakes are high for businesses, many of them are not currently giving cybersecurity the focus it needs. For companies looking to increase their defences, a skilled team of IT security specialists will be their first port of call.

How can IT talent respond to the pressure?

While the demand for cybersecurity expertise may be rising, the big question is whether IT staff are prepared for the ongoing threats that companies face. A study from threat detection service Countercept revealed that for many technology professionals, the cybersecurity landscape is “overwhelming,” and they cannot protect every aspect of a business at all times.

As a result, it’s important for organisations and IT staff to work together establish the best possible defences. For IT security jobseekers, this means working with an IT recruiter to find the right permanent and contract IT roles that will allow them to best utilise their skills.