Find out why adaptability is important to the current market and if it can significantly impact how employable IT professionals are.


There are many different skills required to have a successful IT career.  With technology constantly evolving and changing the business environment, an increasingly diverse range of expertise are being demanded from those working in IT.

However, there is one skill which connects all the others and is exceedingly advantageous for IT professionals to posses – adaptability. Being adaptable means that you can change alongside technological advancements and be more prepared for new situations.

Why is adaptability important in the current job market?

According to a report from PricewaterhouseCoopers and LinkedIn, 72 per cent of Australian CEOs are worried about the availability of certain skills in the market. Skill gaps are an inevitable result of technological development, where the workforce is not always equipped to keep up.

However, the report predicts that greater adaptability among professionals can help to narrow the gap as they will be more able to adjust their knowledge and expertise to meet the new demands. It is expected the increased efficiency and productivity that comes from adaptable talent could significantly boost the economy.

Because adaptability is sought after by modern employers, having this skill can greatly improve the employability of job seekers. Hiring managers want to know that their candidates will be able to continue to benefit the business in the long-term, regardless of shifts that occur in the industry and new innovations that arise.

How to demonstrate adaptability

Career Addict describes a number of ways that you can demonstrate adaptability in the workplace. It’s important for you to constantly strive to acquire new knowledge and a wider range of skills, so that you will be capable of undertaking more tasks.

More flexibility will help you to cope with unexpected situations as well as transition into new roles with ease. You also need to always be ready to come up with alternative solutions to problems when things don’t go to plan.

In addition, adaptability is a useful tool for general career development. CareersCast says that careers no longer occur in straight lines, but can often involve horizontal progression into unexpected roles. Consequently, malleable job seekers will find themselves presented with a lot more available job opportunities in IT&T and elsewhere.

Ultimately, it’s apparent that adaptability is an important skill to assist the employability of IT professionals, and people who work in other industries as well.