Although the answers you give are important in an interview, the clothing you wear can also have an influence on the outcome.


When you get the call saying you have an interview for that IT job you want, your mind may automatically shift from resume advice to focussing on the interview questions. Figuring out what the hiring manager is going to ask you and how you will respond can seem like the main priority for candidates, yet Forbes reports that neglecting details like dressing appropriately can potentially impact the outcome. Your clothing can influence the first impression you make, and set the tone for the rest of the interview.

IT professionals looking for their next position should therefore have a good understanding of what the right attire is, and how the clothes they wear can help demonstrate their suitability for the job.

Use the company as a guide

A good baseline for selecting your outfit is the general dress code of the industry you’re in, as well as that of the specific company you are applying for. By wearing similar clothing to others who work there, you will be safe in your choice of attire and more likely to fit in. Entrepreneur suggests that you follow the lead of the employer, but dress slightly more formal to be on the safe side.

If you aren’t sure what the company dress code is, Forbes advises that the best approach is just to ask the recruiter during your correspondence with them about the interview – this way, you know you are going to get the correct information. A great side effect of finding out the company’s dress code is that it can also give you insight into their culture, with the formality of their attire hinting at how corporate or relaxed they are.

Let your clothing recommend you

Entrepreneur emphasises that your clothing sends a message about you to the employer. It’s important to ensure that you are sending the right one, demonstrating your professionalism and enthusiasm for the job.

Although the company dress code will have given you an idea of what to wear, the Guardian suggests that variations of the suit is always a good option for both men and women when you aren’t sure. It is recommended that you stick to the traditional or conservative side of cuts and colours, but you can strategically accessorise to show your personality.

One you are confident in your attire, you are one step closer to impressing the interviewer and reaching the IT career you want.