At Talent RISE we are passionate and dedicated to ensuring youth in Australia are given the best opportunities to start their careers and, in some cases, turn their lives around for the better.

Talent RISE has many amazing partners that we work with on a regular basis. These partners help to put the team at Talent RISE in contact with youths struggling to find a steady, stable job. We want to ensure every youth that comes to us, experiences the opportunity of meaningful employment.

One partner we work with closely is Whitelion – a youth charity dedicated to helping at-risk youth in Australia, assisting them to break the cycle and giving them the courage to grow.

Talent RISE often rallies behind Whitelion’s fundraising campaigns that help fund services and practical programs to address the issues faced by disadvantaged young people.

Whitelion 3 peaks challenge

It’s not going to be easy, but something that the whole team is looking forward to is completing this challenge alongside young people who benefit from Whitelion’s many programs. Getting to know these young people and hear their stories will be sure to ignite even more passion in the team to continue to do what we do at Talent RISE.

Getting involved and helping out where ever we can really is in our DNA at Talent and Talent RISE. Rosie Willson and Sharyn Saxby from the Talent Sydney team are both looking forward to the challenge – knowing it’s going to help make a real difference.

“After doing the Whitelion Bailout Challenge last year, and seeing the real difference they make for so many young and disadvantaged people in the community, it was great to be able to get involved with Whitelion again to help out those who are struggling or just need a helping hand,” said Rosie

The Three Peaks Challenge has also become a great team bonding experience, as the team begins their training regime to ensure they smash the 33 hour target.

When asked what the training schedule was like, Sharyn said, “I’m currently running 4x days per week and hiking in the weekend.  Our team hikes will be getting more challenging and longer over the coming months and it’s going to be great to explore the NSW countryside further.”

For the team, it’s about the sense of achievement the challenge will bring, not only from a fundraising perspective, but also from a mental and physical perspective as well.

In the first day alone, the team will summit two mountains, one being Mt Kosciuszko – at a height of 2,228m above sea level it’s Australia’s highest mountain.

Following an overnight bus ride, the team will then kick off day two, hiking their third and last mountain. All in all, they will be climbing approximately 52km of steep terrain – no easy feat.

“The second day of hiking is going to be a real killer,” said Rosie, with Sharyn adding, “I’m sure the lack of sleep, blisters and stinky bus (we won’t be showering for a few days) will also be pretty special”

However, to say you have conquered the Three Peaks Challenge in 33 hours to help underprivileged youths in need is a definite achievement and one to be applauded.

We’d like to thank everyone in Team Talent for taking on this challenge and for their dedication and passion to helping youth in Australia build a better future for themselves.

Find out more about the challenge here.

To find out more about why Talent is involved – or to donate – please click here.