Find out what happened on the Talent Unleashed Awards Winner’s Trip in Silicon Valley.

Global Winners of the 2016 Talent Unleashed Awards, judged by our internationally renowned judging panel as the best in their category have won a once in a lifetime bespoke Silicon Valley and San Francisco experience.

The trip has been custom designed to ignite their entrepreneurial spirit and ensure our winners get first hand insights into the innovation culture of Silicon Valley and the emerging technologies and trends set to dominate and disrupt.

Running this week from the 20th – 24th March 2017, we are pleased to share with you some of their first hand experiences.

Day 1

Day 1 of the bespoke tour kicked off with a visit to Facebook HQ where the group learnt about the strategy of innovation and the tactics that can be used to foster an innovation culture within the company.

From Left – Brian Leedman (ResApp Health), Neal Cross (DBS Bank), Martin Leurssen (Clevertar), Jon Butterfield (Talent), Kay Eriksson (Talent), Sheng Chiong Hong (oDocs Eyecare), Dan Horner (Blippar) Richard Earl (Talent)
Jon and Richard at Facebook
Jon Butterfield (Talent EMEA CEO ) and Richard Earl (Talent Founder) at Facebook HQ

Next it was onto discover industry insights and emerging trends from the prominent venture capitalists of Silicon Valley Mohr Davidow Ventures. Here the group learnt how VC firms choost to invest, how to spot a unicorn and what disruptive technologies will bring next.

Dr Martin Leurssen (Clevertar), Kay Eriksson (Talent) and Dr Sheng Chiong Hong (oDocs Eye Care) enjoying the ride in a Tesla car.

Probably the most thrilling part of the day was a visit to the Tesla Factory – one of the world’s most advanced automotive factories, containing 5.3 million square feet of manufacturing and office space. The group got to witness how the state of the art robots help Tesla workers, lift, turn, weld and assemble the all-electric Tesla cars. They even got to go for a spin in a Tesla car which around the track went from zero to 100K in 2.5 seconds!!

IMG_1857  IMG_1858

We would have loved to show you more photos from Tesla but once you stepped into the factory, there were unfortunately no pictures allowed. The guide watched everyone turn off their phones, which is part of their non-disclosure agreement not to talk about anything you see inside – its strictly Top Secret!

To wrap up day 1 the group explored the Stanford University campus leaning about the latest developments in The Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact on industries from a session with a Technology Futurist.

IMG_1884  IMG_1888

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