Talent has partnered with Australia’s largest technology co-working space, Tank Stream Labs, to provide startups with immediate access to the skills required to recruit the technology talent which will drive Australia’s next wave of innovation.


The partnership is the first stage of the global deployment of Talent’s $1 million Talent First Fund. The Talent First Fund was recently announced at the global finals of the Talent Unleashed Awards, and is Talent’s commitment to assist the startup sector with discounted, deferred recruitment and complementary HR advisory services across the disruptive recruitment company’s 16 global locations.tu-final-160818-paulmcmillan-26

Recruitment is a major roadblock for Australian startups, who often struggle to gain access to the top technology talent required to build and deploy their products and services. According to LinkedIn data, 16 of the 20 most in-demand skills in Australia are technology related.

Tank Stream Labs CEO Bradley Delamare said that startup founders come to him for recruitment advice more often than anything else.

“The majority of entrepreneurs have tech backgrounds so they don’t necessarily have the HR know-how to successfully navigate the hiring landscape.” said Bradley Delamare.

“This partnership speaks to a broader trend in the future of work in Australia. Recruitment agencies shouldn’t be a luxury only large companies can afford – it’s the innovative startup companies that are growing and thriving.”

From 4 October, a Talent recruitment and HR advisor will be based out of Tank Stream Labs to assist members with resume screening, drafting job descriptions, on-boarding process development and staff retention advice.

Talent Founder and Executive Chairman Richard Earl commented that without skilled staff, even the most disruptive and innovative startups struggle to remain viable.
“A major and often overlooked challenge for startups in Australia is a lack of skilled staff to drive the development and deployment of disruptive new technologies,” said Richard Earl.

“Attracting – and retaining – the right people is incredibly challenging for startups. A unique blend of compensation structure, staff incentives and workplace culture is required and Talent is proud to be providing this advice free of charge to some of Australia’s best and brightest.”

Head of Digital Recruitment at Talent Heidi Hawkins reflected that the partnership demonstrates the importance of the range of services provided by co-working spaces.

“The best co-working spaces offer so much more than just real estate – they offer the best possible environment for startups to grow and thrive,” said Heidi Hawkins.

“Since Tank Stream Labs was founded in 2012, they’ve done nothing but provide an incredible environment for Sydney startups to grow, and the success of their startups is credit to this. We couldn’t have selected a better foundation partner for the Talent First Fund,” concluded Ms Hawkins.

For more information contact Heidi Hawkins Head of Digital Recruitment at Talent on +61 2 9223 9855 .