Talent NZ has partnered with co working space BizDojo to provide start-ups with immediate access to the skills required to recruit the technology talent which will drive New Zealand’s next wave of innovation.

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Recruitment can often be a major roadblock for Kiwi start-ups, who struggle to gain access to the top technology talent required to build and deploy their products and services.

Talent Auckland’s General Manager Kara Smith acknowledges that one of the biggest issues for start-ups is that recruitment and HR just simply isn’t their core focus or skills, and is often cost prohibitive.

“It’s a challenge for any start-up attracting and retaining skilled staff. Talent wants to help start-ups navigate this process by providing free of charge advice on compensation structure, staff incentives and workplace culture to some of our most progressive best innovators and entrepreneurs,” says Smith.

From August, a Talent recruitment advisor will be working out of BizDojo Auckland on a weekly basis to assist start-ups with resume screening, drafting job descriptions, on-boarding process development and staff retention advice.

The partnership with BizDojo is part of a global deployment of Talent’s $1 million Talent First Fund. The Talent First Fund has been set up to assist the start-up sector with discounted, deferred recruitment and complementary HR advisory services.

BizDojo’s Activation Manager Eva Perrone says that having access to top notch expertise on recruitment and HR is a valuable resource for the early stage entrepreneurs and scaling start-ups within the community.

“The advice shared with start-up Founders helps get them on the right track for business growth and avoid painful mistakes later. Talent offers a collaborative approach, with massive amounts of knowledge and enthusiasm for the start-up ecosystem,” says Perrone.

The Talent and BizDojo partnership is currently operating in Auckland with plans to roll out to other centres.