Our Talent Melbourne team recently hosted a breakfast session on the benefits of inclusion and diversity in order to attract and retain top talent, with guest speaker Sophie Gilbert. Sophie has an impressive HR background comprising a number of roles in global organisations, and is currently working at SEEK as the Well-being, Diversity and Inclusion lead. She is focused on designing strategy, programs and practices to enhance the well-being of SEEKers with a particular emphasis on mental health and flexibility in the workplace.

Hosted by Talent Melbourne General Manager Simon Yeung, the session covered the idea that without inclusion there is no diversity within an organisation and this is something that corporations need to be aware of and embrace within their workplace. Sophie raised that the benefits of inclusion and diversity are invaluable to an organisation which as a result can bring upon:

Although this can be easier said than done, especially within large corporations where individuals may often feel excluded or have lost their sense of belonging. How can you overcome this in your workplace? Here are some of Sophie’s recommendations that she delivered in the session:

Thank you to the large crowd who showed up for the morning session it was a huge success. If you would like to come along to our next one please contact the Talent Melbourne team today at: melbourne@talentinternational.com