Last week our team in Malaysia spent the day supporting a fantastic cause called Cyber Care. Cyber Care is a non-profit organisation targeted toward helping  under privileged children realise their full potential.Cyber3

Cyber Care originally started working with orphanages in Malaysia, but have recently started a similar program dedicated to helping refugees specifically.  The refugee program was the program our Malaysian team dedicated their time to help with.

Their goal is to empower and inspire under privileged youth and give them the confidence to go out there and achieve their dreams – the message they want to share with these children that have faced adversity, is that they can overcome what has happened to them and become whatever they want to be.  It is about breaking the cycle for future generations.


The event was held for 22 refugee children from 5 different countries,  the day was a part of Cyber Care’s STEP program which is dedicated to giving youth employability skills and soft skills:


It was a full day event consisting of training sessions which were run by Talent staff. They began with inspiring guest speakers who ‘told their story’ and spoke to the children about their own experiences. After this they ran training sessions consisting of job interview training; including where to find jobs, how to write a resume and cover letter and role played mock interviews.


After this they taught the children how to present themselves properly for an interview, having them wear suits and jackets, where they them gave each child the opportunity to have a professional photo takenfor their resume’s and LinkedIn profiles. The rest of the day was spent mentoring and teaching them about interview skills and how to realise their full potential.

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