Meaning, not muffins: How to motivate millennials

“Lazy, entitled, with an inflated sense of self.” Yep, it’s another episode of millennial-bashing. The “kids these days’” complaint that’s more popular than smashed avocado. Just this week, Natalie Brennan, the general manager of Muffin Break sparked controversy with comments about millennials. She labelled them “entitled” and said they don’t have the same work ethic […]

Talent RISE and PeoplePlus Australia Awarded $1.2M Grant to Deliver Youth Jobs

Talent’s Foundation, Talent RISE and PeoplePlus Australia have been awarded a $1.2 million Jobs Victoria Employment Network (JVEN) grant to deliver training and employment opportunities to Victorian youth over the next 2.5 years. Under the program, funded by the Victorian government, Talent RISE and PeoplePlus will provide pathways for youth who are unemployed, and drive […]

Talent Malaysia partner with Cyber Care Teaching Young Refugees Job Skills

Last week our team in Malaysia spent the day supporting a fantastic cause called Cyber Care. Cyber Care is a non-profit organisation targeted toward helping  under privileged children realise their full potential. Cyber Care originally started working with orphanages in Malaysia, but have recently started a similar program dedicated to helping refugees specifically.  The refugee […]

The future of Australian IT jobs defined

The nature of technology jobs will continue to change as new trends develop. Here’s how it will affect the IT professionals of the future. The way technology jobs will evolve in the future has been the talk of the IT industry for years. With more and more disruptive technology released each year, the nature of […]

#WeSpeakCode – Youth of Australia get up-to-speed with coding

The next generation of Australian technology professionals were recently involved in Microsoft’s #WeSpeakCode campaign. More than 7,000 students attended nationally. With the next generation of Australian leaders still in high school, many are in the process of gaining the skills they will require in their future careers, especially in the area of technology. While these […]