Gallup names Talent one of the world’s top places to work

Talent has been named a recipient of Gallup’s global 2019 Great Workplace Awards – the only recruitment company in the world and one of only two Australian-based companies to be recognised in the group of winners. The Gallup award encompasses all industries, and recognises Talent as a world-leading company which has achieved exceptionally high levels […]

Talent Melbourne and SEEK on the benefits of diversity and inclusion

Our Talent Melbourne team recently hosted a breakfast session on the benefits of inclusion and diversity in order to attract and retain top talent, with guest speaker Sophie Gilbert. Sophie has an impressive HR background comprising a number of roles in global organisations, and is currently working at SEEK as the Well-being, Diversity and Inclusion […]

Diversity driving profitability and innovation

workplace diversity

In the last decade of technological innovation, almost all the most successful entrepreneurs are white males aged 25 to 45 (think Elon Musk, Evan Spiegel and Mark Zuckerberg). The fact that they’re white males aged 25 to 45 does not diminish their achievements. But it does highlight the lack of gender, ethnic and racial diversity […]

Talent wins gold in HRD’s 2018 Employer of Choice Award

Today, Talent was awarded the Gold Medal in HRD’s 2018 Employer of Choice Awards (Medium Employers category). Talent is also a Top Performing Company in the categories of Reward and Recognition, Diversity and Inclusion, Remuneration and Career Progression. The Employer of Choice Awards are voted on by employees at each nominated business. Those that achieve […]

How to spot unconscious bias in the workplace

Unconcious biasness

We receive 11 million pieces of information every moment. And, according to Google, we can only consciously process 40 of these pieces. This leaves 99.999996 percent of information to be processed unconsciously. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that unconscious bias plays such a prominent role in our decision making. Unconscious bias is when our background, culture […]

5 tips for employers to encourage digital transformation

Digital transformation is all over the news – and rightly so. With a McKinsey study finding that digital leaders drive five times more revenue growth than their peers, and Deloitte reporting an average 20 per cent increase in employee satisfaction, digital transformation has the potential to do wonders for your organisation. Embracing digital transformation involves more than […]

How to foster collaboration in the workplace

Collaboration is sought after in all workplaces, but it’s particularly important in tech, where individual projects might draw a variety of different people together for just a short amount of time. The temporary nature of many tech jobs can make it difficult to foster teamwork, but you’ll find everything goes a lot more smoothly if […]

Beyond working from home: Encouraging flexibility in tech

There’s no doubt that flexible working arrangements make a huge difference to your workforce. As a Diversitas study reports, 71 per cent of employers who offer formal flexibility reported a positive impact on employee commitment and engagement. A further 67 per cent said it improved staff performance and productivity, while 62 per cent reported lower staff […]

Introvert or extrovert – the importance of a diverse team

mixed personalities in the workplace

A huge 80 per cent of respondents to Virgin Pulse’s State of the Industry survey claimed they plan to improve their corporate culture in the coming year. While it’s important to have a strong culture (Google is a prime example of this – their pods and quirky decorations embody a fun and vibrant company that […]