Ripe for the picking: Top trends for tech startups

Innovations are constantly providing new opportunities in IT, with entrepreneurs exploring cutting-edge applications and creating new technology jobs. The IT industry is a fertile arena for startups, with innovations often stretching across multiple markets and enabling a variety of cross-sector applications. For both entrepreneurs looking for startup opportunities in the technology sector and people seeking […]

What does the gig economy mean for the IT industry?

The nature of the traditional workforce is changing. How will the gig economy allow IT professionals to approach a new way of working?   The IT industry has always been supported by a certain sense of freedom. From the early days of Silicon Valley where a number of influential individuals began experimenting with the limits […]

Where will IT candidates be most in demand?

IT candidates will be the difference between successful and failed IT investments. Where will their skills be most in demand? IT candidates have a massive range of opportunities open to them once they’re qualified and ready to join the workforce. Whether they’re looking for success in any of the states across Australia or somewhere else […]

An introduction to contracting: What does it mean for the future?

Contracting isn’t for everyone, but with the evolving nature of the technology workforce, there are opportunities awaiting those looking for a challenge. Technology employment is centred on freedom. From the range of roles in regular employment, to the wide-open startup market, IT professionals are free to craft their own destinies in the industry. On top […]