How Silicon Valley visa changes could affect the Australian IT Recruitment market

The United States is often regarded as the hub of all things technology. From the booming companies in Silicon Valley to the countless university research departments, thought leadership and innovation almost go hand in hand with the nation – recruiting the best and brightest from around the world. However, over recent months, new measures have been […]

3 tips for working with an IT recruiter

While working with an IT recruiter can be very beneficial for your career, it’s important to know how to aid them in the hiring process. The job market can be very competitive, so it’s important for job seekers to find ways to give them an edge over other candidates. One good way to do this is […]

A global lesson in innovation

A recent report from Microsoft detailed how Boston has established itself as a world leader for innovation. What can Australian businesses learn?The ability to innovate is the key to success in the tech industry, and it’s a trait that has been at the core of some of the most successful global IT businesses. With IT’s […]