Meaning, not muffins: How to motivate millennials

“Lazy, entitled, with an inflated sense of self.” Yep, it’s another episode of millennial-bashing. The “kids these days’” complaint that’s more popular than smashed avocado. Just this week, Natalie Brennan, the general manager of Muffin Break sparked controversy with comments about millennials. She labelled them “entitled” and said they don’t have the same work ethic […]

Why work-life balance matters

Why did you choose to become a contractor? The benefits say it all: better pay, more professional satisfaction and greater flexibility. For many, the promise of a better work-life balance is the deciding factor in their move into contracting. And rightly so. Much has been written about work-life balance in recent years – the benefits […]

How can Australian tech companies attract top millennial talent?

Millenial tech talent

Tech companies in Silicon Valley are known for their great workplace cultures and wealth of career development opportunities. That’s why they attract the best millennial talent from across the globe. The tide is beginning to turn, however. Australian tech companies are starting to draw young people back into the fold. A PwC survey found that […]

How to find a tech contractor job quickly

contractor job fast and quickly

Tech contracting comes with greater flexibility and control over your work, making it an attractive prospect for many tech professionals. This doesn’t mean you can give yourself a holiday whenever you want, however. If you’re out of work for a while, it may make you less attractive to potential clients, and it can be harder […]

The pros and cons of working for a tech startup

pros and cons for startup

Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox – there’s a vast range of successful startups out there, and they’re not just in Silicon Valley. At Talent, we’re proud to support Australia’s thriving tech startup scene. With the potential to create around 540,000 jobs by 2033 and contribute 4 per cent of GDP to the Australian economy (statistics courtesy of […]

5 tips for employers to encourage digital transformation

Digital transformation is all over the news – and rightly so. With a McKinsey study finding that digital leaders drive five times more revenue growth than their peers, and Deloitte reporting an average 20 per cent increase in employee satisfaction, digital transformation has the potential to do wonders for your organisation. Embracing digital transformation involves more than […]

How to foster collaboration in the workplace

Collaboration is sought after in all workplaces, but it’s particularly important in tech, where individual projects might draw a variety of different people together for just a short amount of time. The temporary nature of many tech jobs can make it difficult to foster teamwork, but you’ll find everything goes a lot more smoothly if […]

Beyond working from home: Encouraging flexibility in tech

There’s no doubt that flexible working arrangements make a huge difference to your workforce. As a Diversitas study reports, 71 per cent of employers who offer formal flexibility reported a positive impact on employee commitment and engagement. A further 67 per cent said it improved staff performance and productivity, while 62 per cent reported lower staff […]

Talent Sydney Recruiter Lisa Holton speaks to us about the Life at Talent

We speak to Lisa Holton from Talent Sydney about her time at Talent and the advice she would give to those looking to pursue a career in Recruitment. How long have you been at Talent? 3 months, in this short time Talent has already made such a positive impact on my life and career direction. […]