Your qualifications won’t get you the job – so what will?

Your qualification may not land your the job – it’s your adaptability and referrals that could get your future employer’s attention. The grades you receive during your tertiary studies are some of the most important professionals assets you have when you’re looking for a new IT job, aren’t they? As it turns out, your qualifications […]

What do you need to know for job success in Malaysia?

What do IT jobseekers need to keep in mind when looking for jobs in Malaysia? Here is our review of the current employment market. Different regions across the world are reacting to employment trends in their own way, which can provide challenges for jobseekers looking to find success abroad. Malaysia in particular – while a […]

Australian STEM & Tech teaching standards are improving

An academy at the University of Sydney is educating teachers on how to inspire the next generation of students in the area of STEM learning. While it is the next generation of Australians who will enjoy the careers in the technology industries, it is important they are supported by current school teachers and academic leaders. […]