Talent Unleashed Start-Up City #3 Birmingham

Industrial Revolution to Technological Revolution – can Brum do it again? Our latest story from Startup Tales is particularly special as it’s our Founder Richard’s hometown of Birmingham (don’t pronounce the h!). Perhaps this city isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of budding startup hubs. But don’t be fooled, Birmingham […]

UX – the trends, the role, and the evolution

Jesse Fogarty, UX Account Manager for Talent Sydney’s Digital Team discusses his thoughts, learnings and musings about all things CX, UX, and UI in this blog post. If you have a quick 2 minutes, read about what Jesse has to say about this fast-paced, ever-evolving industry… I have been recruiting for the media & tech […]

Case Study: How the US Navy is using VR as a recruitment tool

Imagine you’re on a Naval river boat, taking part in a covert mission to extract a Navy SEAL team. You’re navigating the waterways, while helicopters fly overhead. No, we’re not talking about a new edition of Call of Duty. This experience is actually what you’ll go through if you take part in the first stages […]

The launch of 100% Human at Work in Australia

Talent was delighted to be part of  launching the 100% Human at Work at an exclusive event held on Tuesday, 30 May in Sydney. Together with Virgin Unite, The B Team and Perpetual, the gathering kicked off the movement in Australia by bringing together over 80 leaders from 68 of Australia’s leading and most progressive […]

Cyber security trends to look out for and what they mean for you

As the threat of cyber attacks grows, you can’t wait until the last minute to find the right talent. Talent’s Cyber Security Practice lead Simon Mansfield explains why. According to data by Symantec, in January 2017 alone, 419,000 web attacks were blocked per day. It’s a number that doesn’t include scams, phishing emails or other […]

Ripe for the picking: Top trends for tech startups

Innovations are constantly providing new opportunities in IT, with entrepreneurs exploring cutting-edge applications and creating new technology jobs. The IT industry is a fertile arena for startups, with innovations often stretching across multiple markets and enabling a variety of cross-sector applications. For both entrepreneurs looking for startup opportunities in the technology sector and people seeking […]

Oculus Rift set to disrupt the lucrative video games market

Video gaming has evolved into the one of the world’s premier entertainment industries. What does this mean for IT candidates in 2016? In comparison to most forms of media, video games are still are a relative newcomer. However, while many may dispute their viability as an art form or even just a hobby, few can argue with […]

Is 3D printing the next hot startup trend?

3D printing has gone far beyond what started as a hobby for many people. Now, there are a range of viable industrial applications for the technology. Few technologies carry on the spirit of the original IT entrepreneurs like 3D printers, with the devices enabling both hobbyists and professionals alike to dip their toes in the […]

Consumers will define the future of the technology industry

A number of recent reports have revealed that the future of the technology industry is in the hands of the consumer. How should organisations react? There are two sides to the evolving tech industry. On one hand, innovative startup founders and other global IT leaders are pushing development forward with the products they create and market. […]