5 tips for employers to encourage digital transformation

Digital transformation is all over the news – and rightly so. With a McKinsey study finding that digital leaders drive five times more revenue growth than their peers, and Deloitte reporting an average 20 per cent increase in employee satisfaction, digital transformation has the potential to do wonders for your organisation. Embracing digital transformation involves more than […]

What are some of New Zealand’s biggest IT&T opportunities?

New Zealand’s IT&T sector is booming, and this means one thing – opportunities. Let’s take a look at the key skill shortages, and where jobs are available. New Zealand’s IT&T industry has grown immensely over the last few years. In fact, it’s one of the nation’s most important sectors from a financial perspective, contributing a […]

Is your resume costing you job interviews?

If you interview well, you’ll usually get the job, but what about getting a foot in the door to start with? It all comes back to your resume. Before applying for any job, many people tend to run through a list of the different factors that might hinder their chances – a lack of experience, the wrong qualification, […]

Ask Our Recruiters: What recruiters immediately look for on a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn profiles can be your foot in the door. Find out two ways you can automatically upgrade the quality of your profile and get a job suited to your skills. Our skilled team of recruiters from across the globe have answered your questions to common recruitment problems in our series: Ask Our Recruiters. When it comes […]

How to follow up after an interview

Following up after an interview can be a tricky process. Here are three easy things to keep in mind to do it a little more effectively the next time you’re going through a job hiring process. If you’ve just left an interview, there’s most likely a million things going through your mind. One or two of […]

Tick tock: You have just seconds to impress with your CV

With only six seconds in which to impress a recruiter, how can you ensure your CV shows why you are the perfect candidate for the job? Did you know that you have only six seconds in which to determine whether a recruiter is going to offer you an interview or throw your CV back into […]

CV advice: Don’t just list your skills, tell a story

Storytelling is changing the way candidates and organisations approach the recruiting process. What are the advantages of this? Experienced candidates are quite familiar with the various procedures involved with recruitment. After all, writing a competent CV has become something of a science, and job interviews are often full of tropes and cliched questions. As the IT […]

4 job interview tricks that could increase your prospects

A job interview is more than just knowing the answers to questions. What other tricks can ensure you make a positive impression? As a candidate, it is easy to think that acing a job interview is all about being on-time, meeting the brief and answering the question to an appropriate level. While these elements are very […]

How to get through the first round of job interviews

While getting a job interview is a great achievement, it’s just the start of the journey. Here are three tips to help you get through the first round of interviews. So, after hours of preparation perfecting your CV, arranging your references and conjuring up answers to everything from the most basic to the most testing interview […]