How Silicon Valley visa changes could affect the Australian IT Recruitment market

The United States is often regarded as the hub of all things technology. From the booming companies in Silicon Valley to the countless university research departments, thought leadership and innovation almost go hand in hand with the nation – recruiting¬†the best and brightest from around the world. However, over recent months, new measures have been […]

How will big data drive talent management?

What do emerging technology trends such as big data mean for the future of HR and talent development? New research has revealed the answer. Developing technology trends such as cloud computing, big data and the Internet of Things are evolving beyond buzzwords into tangible solutions for businesses. In particular, big data analytics is providing businesses […]

Business Analytics: The Hottest IT Skill for 2015

Data is all around us today, driving a whole host of key business decisions.¬†The organisations that excel and succeed in the modern world are undoubtedly those that can not only capture large volumes of information, but also tap into it to gain critical insights. In fact, utilising analytics of some description is now the norm […]