A Record Month for Talent

March was an incredible month for Talent with the team hitting records for permanent placements and contractor numbers. With a longstanding reputation for delivering quality service (evidenced by our recent award wins), outdoing ourselves is no easy achievement. But with hard work and dedication, we proved that we can always aim higher and reach further. […]

The 3 Ls of CV success

Impressing recruiters with your CV can be a difficult task, so find out what the three Ls of resume success are, and be more likely to get the job. Having a good CV can mean the difference between receiving an interview or getting lost at the bottom of the candidate pile, and as such there is […]

Anatomy of a startup scene: What’s the key to success?

Startup scenes are often just as important to the formation of a company as their respective founders. What constitutes a good example? Many people often link a startup’s success with its founder, with many famous tech businesses publicly represented by charismatic individuals. This trend has dominated the scene for decades. Global giants such as Microsoft and […]

How to get through the first round of job interviews

While getting a job interview is a great achievement, it’s just the start of the journey. Here are three tips to help you get through the first round of interviews. So, after hours of preparation perfecting your CV, arranging your references and conjuring up answers to everything from the most basic to the most testing interview […]

Does 3D printing hold the key to success?

Startup success is linked to innovative ideas and technology, with 3D printing helping new businesses make their mark on the manufacturing industry. In the past few years, 3D printing has transitioned from impossible technology to attainable hobby, promoting cheap access to product creation for aspiring startups. Previously, creating a physical product from scratch had been […]