The mapping war gives new direction to startup opportunities

Digital maps have already changed how we navigate. Now, mapping innovations could alter the way we see the world and provide new startup prospects. The days of squinting at a paper map, trying to figure out where to go, have long passed. It is easier to find your way than ever before, and the use […]

Startup hub expansion promises 2016 success

Many of the trends that defined 2016 will roll over into the new year, with startup excitement a key driver for new IT jobs. What do you need to know? As the world’s IT professionals return from a holiday to a brand new year, many will have their sights on expansion and diversification for the […]

How can startups create value?

Australia is home to more than one million small businesses. Here’s what new startups need to do to succeed in this competitive environment. Startups across Australia face a number of difficulties when it comes to creating value. After all, the tech industry is dominated by giants such as Apple, Samsung and IBM, just to name […]