Talent and Little Tokyo Two confirm recruitment partnership

Talent is very excited to announce our recent agreement to enter into an preferred partnership for recruitment services with Little Tokyo Two at The Capital in Brisbane’s CBD. The Capital, which opened its doors in October 2016, is a Brisbane City Council initiative to ensure Brisbane’s burgeoning start-up community has a focal point to nurture and […]

Venture capital goes global The international startup hub is born

Few businesses have the ability to attract global attention like successful startups. How is this affecting VC investment in the US? There are a lot elements that are essential for the creation of a successful startup company. While films such as The Social Network will demonstrate the role a driven founder plays in guiding innovative […]

Spotlight on the world’s best startup hubs

Along with Silicon Valley, there are a number of start-up scenes around the world that are proving to be essential hubs for budding entrepreneurs. The rise of digital communication hasn’t diminished the value of real-world interaction. While it’s now possible to create and manage a multi-million dollar start-up from the comfort of your bedroom, many […]